Everything for the weaver, spinner, knitter, felter and dyer...

Everything for the weaver, spinner, knitter, felter and dyer...

Friday, July 2, 2010

It's a slippery slope...

I was cruising through Ravelry (if you're reading this and don't know about Ravelry, contact me privately so I can bring you up to speed) and found a pattern of mine that had been accepted for publication in a knitting magazine about 5 or 6 years ago. It was attributed to another designer! I contacted the appropriate people and, lo and behold, I'm now a designer on Ravelry. All of that is fine and good.

So I start uploading some of my knitting design patterns to my new new designer page so I can sell them and the odyssey begins. After many missteps, mishaps, and mistakes, I think I have about a half dozen patterns uploaded. Then I get the editor comment pointing out the biggest mistake of all. It turns out that my patterns need to be PDF documents and available for immediate downloading. I haven't a clue. There are a lot of kind and knowledgeable people on Ravelry. I found a free PDF program, downloaded it successfully and safely, transformed my word documents into PDF documents, uploaded them, figured out how to activate the patterns, and voila, there they were. I still didn't understand the whole Paypal thing but hoped I had done that correctly too.

This morning I checked my email and I had sold my first pattern through Ravelry! Yea! Woo hoo! The paypal account worked too. Now the big question is, where will I spend my $4.55?


  1. Congratulations again!!!
    I'm coming over for computer lessons...

  2. I know just enough to be dangerous!