Everything for the weaver, spinner, knitter, felter and dyer...

Everything for the weaver, spinner, knitter, felter and dyer...

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where's Waldo?

Click on the map to enlarge and see our route!
When we started planning this trip, our list of destinations included a lot of exotic and hard to get to places. At some point we realized that unless we wanted to spend the majority of our time in airports we had to narrow things down. There are a number of "round the world" tickets and we chose the one that seemed the most flexible and wide reaching. It allows us 39,000 miles and 16 legs.

So where are we going? After meeting up in San Francisco, Janet and I zip off to Australia, halfway round the world. Once we're on the road you'll see posts from Australia, New Zealand, China, Thailand, India, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malta, and Spain.

Temperatures will range from 30*F to 110*F. You might be curious as to how one packs for a trip like this...stay tuned. I'm calling the next installment, "Packing it all in".

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Round the world....

Perhaps you can guess by the photo that travel is in my future. Fifteen years ago this was just a germ of an idea. Since that time, I have carefully squirreled away money hoping it would someday happen. Now it is going to happen and my close friend, Janet (another weaving and spinning addict), and I will be making our way literally "around the world" during 8 weeks of travel. As you can imagine, a lot of detailed planning has gone into this trip. There will be small frequent blog posts as I find wi-fi spots in all the corners of the earth. Follow our adventures by subscribing to this blog or sign up with your email address to get post notifications. Either way, stay tuned. My next post will share where we're going, otherwise known as "Where's Waldo?"