Everything for the weaver, spinner, knitter, felter and dyer...

Everything for the weaver, spinner, knitter, felter and dyer...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

More geekiness...

There's a teeny-weeny part of me that loves new technology. This month I purchased a new "smart" phone as opposed to my old "stupid" phone. So now I'm the owner of new iPhone 4G in white. Apparently a white iPhone is really a coveted thing so I had to get one along with a purple rubber protection thingy.

I had a very good reason for justifying the expense of a smart phone. I had seen the Square in action at a fiber festival a few weeks ago. The Square is a little gadget that plugs into your phone and allows you to swipe a credit card for a purchase on the spot. You know right away if a card is good. I can also accept cards that I haven't been able to in the past such as American Express.  I've been using it in the shop and it is really cool.

I'm also assisting on a fiber event taking place this fall. I've been working on the website and making it possible for people to sign up for classes online and pay by credit card. This has been fun and has gone relatively smoothly.

Now back to our regularly scheduled fiber-y things!

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